Five Second Digital Theodolite with Laser Level

Model: 40-6936

Johnson Level & Tool Co.

Five Second Digital Theodolite with Laser Level
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Quick Overview
  • Five Second Theodolite with Laser

  • NiMH rechargeable battery pack

  • Alkaline battery compartment (batteries not included)

  • 3-7.5V battery adapter

  • Rain cover

  • Instruction manual with warranty card

  • Hard-shell carrying case
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  • Five second angular accuracy - accurate enough for any construction job 

  • Vertical access compensation - tilt sensor provides the highest level of accuracy and be turned on or off depending upon job requirements 

  • Dual LCD with large characters - easy to see, angle readings, eliminate errors and reduce eye fatigue

  • Simple six button keypad - quick set-ups and simple operation with low operator learning curve

  • Laser beam is emitted directly from the aperature, but does not inpeed viewing

  • Lase beam can easily and accurately place anchor bolts at regular intervals on a line or set and an angle and use the beam to verify your tape measure is properly aligned for the next stake or sight in footers, frames and tilt-up walls - all without pulling a string!
  • Additional Information
    Manufacturer: Johnson Level & Tool Co.
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