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Spectra Precision

Self-leveling grade laser for single slope applications
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Quick Overview
  • concrete forms and footers
  • concrete sections needing grade for water run-off
  • short run sewer connections
  • ditch banks up to 25% grade

  • Features
  • easy to use self-leveling grade laser that's perfect for shorter range grading
  • directional bright visible beam for "above-the-top" pipe work
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The Spectra Precision Laser 1242 is easy-to-use and is ideal for shorter range grading applications. With a grade range of 0.10 to 25.0%, it can be used for single or compound slopes.

A versatile laser, the 1242 also allows quick alignment positioning using a bright visible beam. The visible beam can be stopped and pointed for use as a short-run "above-the-top" pipe laser. Additionally the 1242 can be used for short range machine display applications.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Spectra Precision
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